Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a journey..

Ya, so I pulled up a friends blog, and realized that it had been FIVE weeks since my last post...YIKES, guess I'm long overdue...

Well, to start off, I want to say that my trip back from LA was much more adventurous than my trip OUT to LA. I will say this, my time out in LA was very much a life changing experience, and I'm glad I went. Just wish I had been able to see more, and do more while I was out there. So how was it a live changing experience if I didn't get to see or do all that I wanted? Well, let's just say I learned alot about people in general while I was out there, and learned alot about myself.

I have had some people back home here tell me that I had alot of growing up to do, and alot to learn about life in general. Well, after spending about 5 weeks in LA, I realized that there are people in much worse shape than I when it game to growing up, an learning alot about life. Granted, they were right, I did have alot to learn, and I did have some growing up to do....HOWEVER there are people that THINK they are more grown up than they are, and think they KNOW alot more than everyone else. I won't name any names, but lost alot of respect for a couple guys while I was in LA, these guys were people I looked to for advice at times before I even went out there, and put alot of weight in what they said. I now realize that there was one person that deserved that respect all along, and that had helped me the most not only while I was out there, but while I had been here as well.

For you younger guys out there, life is not about putting everyone else down, bossing people around just to make yourself feel better. It's about earning that respect from others, not feeling like it's just owed to you.

Part of me wants to let alot of people know what one person in particular is REALLY like, but I will not stoop myself to his level just to make myself feel better. I will say though, that whatever I say about him would be the truth, something he evidently can't quite get a grasp on.

Maybe down the road I will open some people's eyes to some reality, but for now, I will just bite my tongue and move on with life ;)