Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some say it's better......

Some say it's better to be lucky, than good.
Well, I'm not one of those people, I have a different philosophy. I believe in the world of poker, you have to find that point of perfect equilibrium. What is that you ask? It's the point where luck, and skill collide, and you are playing perfect poker. Perfect poker? There is no such thing you say? You're right.....kinda..... You see, someone can play perfect poker...SOME of the time....but nobody, and I mean NOBODY can play perfect poker all the time. The best you can hope for is to play as good as you can, as much as you can. While unfortunately luck does sometimes win out, it is still better to be good, because as long as you play as good as you can, you will do better in the long run.

All that being said, today's HOD's show that we, ourselves can be the lucky ones. We may not always make the right reads, and when we don't, sometimes we just need to get lucky. I sure know that I did on both of these hands. While it was extremely difficult to contain myself, and not do a "fist pump", or scream out loud, or even jump out of my seat, I did contain myself. I smiled, breathed a deep sigh of relief, and kept plugging away. This is what we need to do......

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back into the swing....

Ok, I'm not trying to brag, all of these hands are from today....I didn't really play on Saturday so much, so I didn't hit my quads. I did have another set on Sunday though. I guess I made up for it today with these three hands.
Those of you wanting to know what I've done to deserve all these quads, or what the secret was to get quads as much as I have, I have a simple answer for you. VOLUME!! The more you play, the more games you have, the more games you have, the more likely you are to see good is variance after all.
I plan on seeing alot more of these hands as I have every intention of upping my volume....BIG TIME!!!
I will have more to share later tonight...I will explain then....
Have a good evening, and happy variance to all!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln.....

Just so ya'll know I'm not ya go!! It was nice to see him shove on the flop, was just praying no 8 came afterwards...

So, how was my day? I feel like I played really well, and made very few mistakes, just got unlucky. Unfortunately it happens...not much that can be done when your AKs can't hold up against an A6o. It hurts, but you keep making the same moves, and know that it the long run, you will come out on top.

Here's a graph of my year so far....still working on getting the number of games up, and know I can do more...

Everyone have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time....anyone have some for sale??

First believe me when I tell you, I didn't take old screenshots and save them for a rainy day on the HOD. I have managed to hit them again, this time deuces.... This is the fourth day in a row I have gotten quads at least once...I am a little taken aback myself. All I can say is who needs sets, when you can just flop quads?
So, after being sick most of all last week, I am finally back into the swing of things at school this week. I have some catching up to do, but know if I can remain focused that it is something I can, and WILL do. Of course a lil more time wouldn't hurt ;)
Well, hate to do this to ya'll but I need to keep it short tonight. Need to be hittin bed soon, so I don't
If anyone knows where I can get more time, feel free to let me know....PLEASE!?!?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why do people never listen....

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.....NEVER SLOW PLAY A BIG PAIR PREFLOP!!!

Those that know me, and that have talked poker with me know that this is my #1 rule. More times than not, it will come back to bite you in the butt. The funny thing was is that I was going through this hand history after it was over, and read the comments of the player whose pocket Q's I cracked. He was sincere when he said "Nice hand, I should have known better". Should have known better? He must be someone that has heard my #1 rule before. Look at what position I am in...the big blind, if he had raised preflop, I never would have been in there. But he was tryin to be tricky and win a huge pot.

Well, no class today, so I've been grinding alot already this morning, and plan on doing alot more this afternoon. All this snow IS good for something I guess. I've already had a few cashes this morning and of course a big one with a win.

I have another HOD here as well:

I figured I owed you a bonus HOD because of a few days I missed, so here it is.
Ok, before you ask, no, it was not all in why you ask was my opponent putting it all-in with 5's on the river? Yes, I said river....Not only did he call my all-in, he insta-called my all-in. I figured when he did, he must have hit the flush, but to my surprise I find 5's...All I have to say is WOW, and Thank you very much sir!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A fun, and interesting day in the world of poker....

Check it out, QUADS!! Ok, so this is nothing new to me...I have all the screenshots, believe me ;) What makes this one so important? The very next hand...I mean the VERY NEXT hand, I am dealt 9's, and flop quads again! Back to back that was a first. I guess the odds of me continuing to do well after that was bound to be next to nothing....and sure enough, it was. Not even a half hour later I was busted, and on the rail. It just goes to show you, no matter how good you run, or no matter how lucky you are, it can end at the drop of a dime. So never think for one second that you are invincible, nobody is.
It wasn't fun, and interesting just because of the quads, but also because of a new experience...As some of you may, or may not have known, Daleroxxu was staking a select group of people in the Sunday 1/4 million guarantee on Pokerstars, to be part of his "army". I sent Dale my info, and was selected to be a part of it. There were 12 of us and Dale that went into the battle, here is a list of his soldiers:
DaddyO74(my name on Stars)==>1,987th
ei8hty ei8ht==>15,310th
Mr 0rigami==>22,698th
sp33d D3m0n==>15,737th
The DeadPrez==>6,033rd
Daleroxxu(of course)==>1,332nd
So, I know you're seeing the places there, and are thinking, that doesn't look all that good....well, there were 32,919 players in this tournament, so ya, a few of us didn't do so well, but a few of us did as well. Probably not as well as we would have liked to, but all things considering, not too bad.
After I shipped Dale his cut of my winnings, I thought I might as well sit at a $12 180 man over there, and managed to take 2nd for a $394 score. Even though I managed to get a nice score, I am actually kinda disappointed in that finish because I had a nearly 5-1 chip lead 3 different times while I was heads up, but just couldn't put him away. My opponent managed to hit runner runner straight on me TWICE while all in(this is part of the reason I detest 4 card straights so much). I did not do as well on FullTilt today as I did on Stars, but such is a day in the life....
Sorry if this post was too long, but I hope everyone had a good weekend, and at least did better than I did ;)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, so to explain the whole sick reference. The term "Sick" in poker can mean alot of things, both good and bad. Today's HOD is an example of both actually.....look closely.
I will say the best thing about this hand, is that all that action happened IN FRONT of me, ahhh the importance of position. It's sick in that I hit a set on the flop(which some may say has been happening alot more than it should). What makes this sick in a bad way is that the guy acting before me shoves, let me repeat that... he SHOVES! Some in my position may be quick to shove over the top thinking they were good, but let's think this through.
Could he have a different set? 4's? or 9's? Sure he could, and if the 9's were the case, he would still have me beat. In my eyes, there is no way I had this guy beat when he shoves, absolutely no way. I completely dismiss the thought of him having 4's, just don't see it. In my eyes, he either has a set of 9's or a flush, either way, I'm nearly dead.
Sick right?
You wanna know what's sicker? I lay this hand down.....
Too many times we fall in love with our starting hands and our flopped hands, that we lose sight on what the other person may have.
Wise man once say "Good poker hands are like women.... They may look pretty....They may get you REALLLY excited.... but don't get too attached, you could end up flat broke."

Friday, February 5, 2010

Focus, focus, focus......

Sorry, no HOD again today....will explain.... Just a week ago, I got a new computer, and have yet to find a way to edit the photos the way i was before. So until I do, u prob won't see any.

But, as stated above, I invested some money in a new computer, and really this does serve two purposes:

1. Need something more reliable for school, don't want to be in the middle of a paper and have my computer go crappers on me....

2. Needed a better computer for my grinding, again, something more reliable.

So...focus, focus, focus....ya, truer words cannot be said when grinding online poker, though it is very hard to do, it is very necessary. Without focus, you will see alot of hard work go down the drain in a hurry, so remember to always remain focused, keep your eyes on the prize.

What am I focusing on you ask? Well, I would like to put in the volume that I would like to, and what I am definitely capable of. I know I can put in 1k games this month, but have yet to do it. This month Nick has challenged us all to hit the 1k games mark, well, I'm gonna up the stakes a lil bit on that. Not only am I going to hit the 1k games mark, but my goal in addition is to hit the 2k mark in profits. As you may or may not have seen, I did manage to hit $1800 in profits last month, so why is 2k such a big goal?? Well, I started off pretty hot in the month of January, and up to this point this month, I am only up about $10, so as you can see, I have alot of room to go.

One last note....I am looking to take a mini vacation during spring break this year(Mar 15th-21st). Have a couple ideas in mind, but would definitely appreciate some ideas from my readers, so please feel free! Just so you know, I may or may not be going by myself, I do know that I will not be taking any kids....So please, let the ideas flow