Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, so to explain the whole sick reference. The term "Sick" in poker can mean alot of things, both good and bad. Today's HOD is an example of both actually.....look closely.
I will say the best thing about this hand, is that all that action happened IN FRONT of me, ahhh the importance of position. It's sick in that I hit a set on the flop(which some may say has been happening alot more than it should). What makes this sick in a bad way is that the guy acting before me shoves, let me repeat that... he SHOVES! Some in my position may be quick to shove over the top thinking they were good, but let's think this through.
Could he have a different set? 4's? or 9's? Sure he could, and if the 9's were the case, he would still have me beat. In my eyes, there is no way I had this guy beat when he shoves, absolutely no way. I completely dismiss the thought of him having 4's, just don't see it. In my eyes, he either has a set of 9's or a flush, either way, I'm nearly dead.
Sick right?
You wanna know what's sicker? I lay this hand down.....
Too many times we fall in love with our starting hands and our flopped hands, that we lose sight on what the other person may have.
Wise man once say "Good poker hands are like women.... They may look pretty....They may get you REALLLY excited.... but don't get too attached, you could end up flat broke."