Monday, February 8, 2010

A fun, and interesting day in the world of poker....

Check it out, QUADS!! Ok, so this is nothing new to me...I have all the screenshots, believe me ;) What makes this one so important? The very next hand...I mean the VERY NEXT hand, I am dealt 9's, and flop quads again! Back to back that was a first. I guess the odds of me continuing to do well after that was bound to be next to nothing....and sure enough, it was. Not even a half hour later I was busted, and on the rail. It just goes to show you, no matter how good you run, or no matter how lucky you are, it can end at the drop of a dime. So never think for one second that you are invincible, nobody is.
It wasn't fun, and interesting just because of the quads, but also because of a new experience...As some of you may, or may not have known, Daleroxxu was staking a select group of people in the Sunday 1/4 million guarantee on Pokerstars, to be part of his "army". I sent Dale my info, and was selected to be a part of it. There were 12 of us and Dale that went into the battle, here is a list of his soldiers:
DaddyO74(my name on Stars)==>1,987th
ei8hty ei8ht==>15,310th
Mr 0rigami==>22,698th
sp33d D3m0n==>15,737th
The DeadPrez==>6,033rd
Daleroxxu(of course)==>1,332nd
So, I know you're seeing the places there, and are thinking, that doesn't look all that good....well, there were 32,919 players in this tournament, so ya, a few of us didn't do so well, but a few of us did as well. Probably not as well as we would have liked to, but all things considering, not too bad.
After I shipped Dale his cut of my winnings, I thought I might as well sit at a $12 180 man over there, and managed to take 2nd for a $394 score. Even though I managed to get a nice score, I am actually kinda disappointed in that finish because I had a nearly 5-1 chip lead 3 different times while I was heads up, but just couldn't put him away. My opponent managed to hit runner runner straight on me TWICE while all in(this is part of the reason I detest 4 card straights so much). I did not do as well on FullTilt today as I did on Stars, but such is a day in the life....
Sorry if this post was too long, but I hope everyone had a good weekend, and at least did better than I did ;)

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  1. Great job bro. 3 followers as well. Things are definitely looking up.