Monday, May 10, 2010

This many games in a week??.....

This month has been an unbelievable month for me. Though you might be able to tell exactly how many games I've played this month by the graph, the grand total in the first 9 days is 779 games. Before I came out here to LA, I'm not sure that I ever played that many games in a whole month, and here I am doing it in just 9 days!! That's an average of 88 games a day, and at that pace, I will easily reach my goal of 2000 games this month, might even reach 2500 games if I continue to do what I've been doing just the last few days where I have been playing roughly 100 games per day.
Nick, Daniel, and Aaron have preached to me how important it is to get in your volume, this is what's important, not how much money you make each day. You put in your games, and the results will follow. I know any of you that are either part of the Elite Team, or someone that has attended a webinar, have heard any one of those 3 say this at some point. Well, I'm here to say that they couldn't be more spot on with this comment. In months past, I have not really seen big numbers in profit, because I wasn't putting in that many games. Since I've been out here, and have just been focusing on getting my games in, I have seen the profits climb as well. Look at what I've done so far this month, my average profit per game is $4, if I could put in 2000 games this month, and continue at the rate that I'm at, that's $8000 profit this month!! Who out there wouldn't like to be making that kind of money?? I know I always have, and hope to continue to improve, and boost those numbers even a bit more!
Today started off fairly rough for me, running into big hand after big hand. But, I continued to put in the games, and continued to play the way I was taught to play, and what happened?? I won my first $52 90 man SNG today, which turned a not so good day, into a very good day! It only takes one tournament to turn your profit around, and that's why it's so important to just get your games in. You never know which game will be the one that turns it around for you ;)
On a side note, it was very much a relief to score my first win in that $52...I hadn't even played 40 of them, and hit it. But in the last few days, I had come closer and closer....and BOOM!!
Never has the Star Spangled Banner sounded more beautiful, Thanks Maestro!!


  1. Great work. Too bad the $52's don't load faster right?

  2. congrats keep up the good work Josh

  3. ya, no kiddin Jason....I did manage to get in like 5 or 6 of them in yesterday.....Thanks Andrew, Grats on your win last night in the Ferguson!!

  4. question , how many games are u expected to play a day under nicks training, ? im confused cuz the graphs sometimes show 1000 for the month and others players graphs at more than 2, thank u and congrats , ive started reading your blogs for inspiration , i suck and i am tired of losing my money.