Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Class in session...

First off, I know it's been ages....but here's a HOD. I will say this, I was due to deal a beat like this. You may recall that I had a similar occurence take place earlier this year. The big difference was that my opponent had KK and I had AA. Also, I got all my money in preflop with my AA, this guy, not so much. He checked the flop, and did allow me to catch up on the turn...once I hit my set on the turn, I'm going nowhere. He just got extremely unlucky when I hit my 9 on the river. After that flop he was 99.9% to win the hand...well thank you Mr .1%....you came through for me this time.

The title of this blog however was not about the HOD. It actually refers to something going on in my personal life. I know, I said in the last blog that I would stick to poker, and I intend to. HOWEVER, this part is so important that I just have to mention it. I actually have a class tonight, no, not one at a college or anything like that. It's a parenting class that I need to take to make sure my divorce is finalized. Yep, after tonight, all that divorce paperwork can finally be processed, and I will officially be divorced!

I wanted to give praise and credit where it's due.... A former student of mine that I ran into at the $3 90s yesterday, not only took me out in that tournament, but made it through a field of 648 people to take down his 2nd 1st place finish in "The Ferguson" last night. The game of the night? Razz....my favorite ;) Congrats to GRZA on his win, you deserve it!!

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