Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Good start....

This hand is from a while back, but shows some of the craziness that can, and does happen when you are playing in a $3 90-man KO tournament. This was the very first hand for me, and needless to say, got me off to a very good start!

Now while this one worked out in my favor, oddly enough, I've had it go the other way, where I've clearly had the best hand, and one of those other hands would suck out on me. Before anyone tries justifying why any of these people would have shoved, we were all "all-in" PRE-flop.

Now on to the rest of the blog, and the HOD does lead in to the topic of today's blog..."A Good Start". Even though the year is young, I feel that I am off to a pretty good start, and hope to continue to improve. So far(1/1-1/4) I have won at least one tournament each day. Granted, they were in the $3 tournaments, but a win nonetheless. To go along with those wins, I have had a few 2nds as well, so when I am making the final table, I am finishing strong.

Since I have started playing the 90-mans 1 1/2months ago, I have found that my strength is my strong finish, look at the graph below:

This shows the different positions that you can finish in the tournament, and the number of times I have finished in each position. Notice the two tall bars to the left of the graph, those are 1st and 2nd place finishes, clearly more than ANY other position in the tournament, nice huh?

While getting off to a good start is important, it is just as important to maintain the good throughout, and finish strong. So like a 90-man tournament, I hope to continue to play well at the start of the year, and finish the year strong.

Coming soon....Goals for the year....

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