Saturday, March 27, 2010

Come on people!!

Ok, first of all, no HOD....haven't played today, and very little yesterday. I felt the need to blog something because I looked down at my list of blogs that I am following, and see no posts by anyone in the last 2 days....COME ON!! lol

So, as I've mentioned previously, I am putting my full focus towards my poker now. With this focus comes opportunities, and sacrifices.... I will get into details in a later post, but the opportunity that has recently arisen is way too good to pass up...even with the HUGE sacrifices. But I feel that this will pay off in the long run, and will more than make up for those sacrifices I will have to make. Am I going to upset some people? most definitely.... Do I like the fact that I'm going to upset some people? no..... So why am I going to do this? Because the people that I'm going to upset will not understand why I need to do what I'm going to do, and will not like the sacrifices I am willing to make. However it is not their life, it is mine, and I must live it the way I see fit. They may not like it now, but they will all benefit from this as well in the long way or another....

So, I know I've been VERY vague in everything I've written today, but it will all be much clearer within the next week, I promise. Some of you may already know, but until the details are finalized, I am not saying anymore....


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