Monday, March 22, 2010

Today felt good.....

It's been a while since I've had one, so of course I'm gonna do they are, the HODs!!

Nothing in particular with these hands, but as you can see, I am hitting quads again, so watch out ;)

These 2 hands occurred just a few mins apart, on diff tables I believe, but damn did it feel good.

Earlier this week, I had won a satellite tournament to the Double Deuce that happened today, nothing out of the ordinary...But today's run in the Double D was different from others. Out of 10,566 people, I managed to finish 366th. It took a while to get down that far, but I was patient, and enjoyed it alot. I had also made the decision that this would be the only game I have going as long as I was in it, didn't want to get distracted in any way. For my $3 investment into the satellite, I managed to cash out for $63.40. There were a couple hands that cost me alot of chips, but I don't see where it could have been played any differently on my end, and thus have nothing but bad luck to blame.
Hand 1-- I have AA utg+1 with a stack of 28k, blinds were at 800/1600, with 200 antes. The player to my immediate left had approx 11k going into the hand. I raise my AA to 3395, and he flats. Everyone else folds, and we see a J-3-8 flop, I bet 5k(pot approx 11k) and he shoves for his last 7k, and I call. He flips over 66, and I'm in great shape with two cards to come. The turn is a harmless 3, but the river was a dagger to my heart...the 6 of diamonds.
I did manage to recover, triple up, and be sitting at 50k when the next hand happens.....
Hand 2--with blinds at 1200/2400 and 300 antes, utg+1 raises to 5198(he has approx 72-73k), the player to my immediate right flats, I re-raise to 16995, and the bb calls for his last 10k. The other two guys fold, and I'm heads up with the bb. He flips over A8o, not a prob there(I prob would have folded preflop with all the action, but whatever). Flop comes out 2-7-6....9 on the turn....any guesses as to what hits on the river? Yep, a 5, giving him the straight, and leaving me with 40k.
I hung around for about another 20-25 hands before my 66 ran into ATo...he spikes his A on the flop, and I don't improve. All in all, it was a good experience, and I had lots of fun, and lots of agony. The two hands above were just an example too of how bad I had been running the last couple weeks, and it hurts alot. When you make the correct play, and it still comes back to bite you in the arse, it's gonna hurt, and you're gonna get down, but try not to get too discouraged, things will eventually start going your way.
Thanks to my railbirds today for sweating me....Master3004, Jotagran49, and of course Bodeye2....your encouragement and kind words during the tournament were greatly appreciated ;)
Also a shout out to Master3004 for his nice run in the Sunday 1/4 million guarantee on Stars. Out of a staggering 36,299 players, he managed to pull out a 294th place finish for a nice score of $145.13, NICE JOB!!

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