Thursday, March 18, 2010


First off, no HOD....have some other things to discuss. First off, I must say that anyone that has not been to Vegas, it's a must go!! Brandy(a very close friend of mine) and I had a blast, and while it was her second time there, she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, even though it was my first time there. We stayed at the MGM Grand, decent hotel, decent dealers(both poker, and other table games). I will say though that the wait staff there was a little less than desirable. While I wanted to play alot of poker while I was out there, I decided to get my mind off poker, just a little bit. I feel one of the things that has been bogging me down lately was that I have been overthinking situations, and thinking about the negatives TOO much.

Sooooo.....I played more Pai Gow than anything else, and it was by far my most profitable game of the trip(gotta love those straight flushes). I did manage to play in a $65 buy in tournament on Tuesday, and had a good time. There were 60 people(11 am on a Tues, not bad) and they went through another 10 alternates before they stopped taking them. A couple hands of note

1. Was being patient, and starting to get a lil short stacked(15bb) after making a couple of raises preflop, and having to fold to shoves.... So I pick up AKo in ep, and raised 3.5x, I get 2 flatters, and the guy to my immediate right, re-raises me. So I shove, and the flatters fold, guy to my right insta-calls with AQo...yeah me, I double up as my AKo holds up.

2. I was UTG, and again, had been playing very tight, solid poker. It was about 10 hands after the previous one... I raise 3x with AA. It folds around to the SB, and he shoves. The guy to my right thought about it for a few secs, then folds...I couldn't wait for him to fold and as soon as he did, insta-call. "you have AA don't you?" the shover says....all I needed to do was flip them over, and the look on his face was priceless. "Figures, of course I have KK" he says....My AA does hold up, and I knock him out.

Unfortunately I only lasted to the first break after a couple of flips not going my way, but was pleased with my performance overall, and wouldn't have changed the way I played anything. It was a very good experience, and can't wait to play some more live tournaments in the future.

For now, I am back to the grind of Full Tilt 90mans, and trying to turn things around so I don't have to give Bodeye more bad news in a couple weeks.... Not only does he not like getting money from me, but I hate the fact that I'm not able to GIVE money to him.

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